TiVo predicts a la carte TV

Also hoping that simplicity is what consumers want is TiVo. Like Apple, it's positioning its box to be the hub for consumer video downloads from the Internet. In the music world, TiVo CEO Tom Rogers told the LA Times, "You can get any song you want, any time you want it, on any device you want it. That's what's happened in the last five, six years. It's become a la carte, on demand."

We think the same thing will happen with television, and that changes the whole notion of television convenience and ease to mean being able to go out and find any piece of content you want through your television set and being able to watch it.

No prizes for predicting on demand TV is fast coming but again it confirms how hot this space is. TiVo is a strong boutique brand in the TV space with its easy-to-use digital recorder, but has struggled as the cable companies replicated much of the DVR hard drive functionality into their set top boxes, essentially capping TiVo's growth in the DVR sector. TiVo has joined with Amazon to provide a wide choice of movies for download but, again, with so many players jostling for consumer attention it is going to be difficult for TiVo to get market strength in the way it did in the personal recording space.

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