TiVo rolls out new version of its MSO web portal to users of its retail set-tops

TiVo has launched a new version of the web portal it maintains for its MSO partners, TiVo Online, that curates programming, sets DVR recordings and--notably--lets users stream live and recorded content to PCs around the home.

TiVo says the streaming feature--which doesn't work out of the home because of rights issues--is supported by all Roamio and Premiere DVR models. However, as tech blogger David Zatz notes, entry-level Roamio models require a TiVo Stream accessory to enable the feature.

Other TiVo Online features include search capabilities designed to tie all the disparate online programming sources into whatever pay-TV guide the user has, in order to render a more unified search. 

"The tools available today to find what viewers most want to watch across all sources of programs are not comprehensive, not personalized, or are difficult to use," said Tom Rogers, TiVo's president and CEO. "There just isn't a great way to hone in on exactly what you care about and are most interested in. TiVo Online is the service you can rely on to guide you right to what you want from cable and video on demand, streaming services and web videos and opens the renown value of TiVo's search to find and connect straight to your favorite content in a simple, easy to use fashion."

TiVo Online demonstrates the elegance with which the DVR maker is walking the line between service to MSOs and the retail market that serves cord cutters and those looking to reduce reliance on their pay-TV provider. 

In the first quarter, TiVo announced the addition of 285,000 new subscribers, most of them coming through MSO partnerships. But 39,000 new subs came from a suddenly emergent retail sector, which has seen hot sales of the cord-cutter-targeted Roamio OTA DVR. 

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