Top 5 game-changing online video services

The streaming video market continues to be reshaped even as it continues to explode, and FierceCable sister publication FierceOnlineVideo now has a spotlight report on five of the most dynamic game-changing ventures in the current streaming environment.

One of those companies is Aereo, which uses its own antenna network to stream local TV station content over the Internet via HTML5. Not surprisingly, broadcasters have been fighting Aereo's arrival on the scene, but there is also a possibility that Aereo could help cable TV companies gain leverage in retransmission consent fee negotiations with broadcasters, as well as contest the new broadcaster-driven mobile TV streaming venture Dyle.

The report also takes a closer look at the Redbox joint venture with cable TV competitor Verizon (NYSE: VZ), and a handful of other online juggernauts the cable TV industry should continue to keep an eye on.

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- here's the FierceOnlineVideo report

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