Toshiba promises 3DTV without glasses

To paraphrase: Guys (and gals) will make passes at 3DTV without glasses.

Toshiba claims that it's overcome perhaps the largest drawback of 3DTV--the need to wear special, often expensive and sometimes useless glasses to get the full three dimensional effect. The TV set maker used the Ceatec electronics show in Tokyo to show televisions that use technology designed for video games to remove the spectacles from 3DTV.

Of course there are drawbacks. The viewer needs to sit in an optimal position 35 inches from 20-inch screen (and who has a 20-inch screen anymore?) at a 40 degree angle. That 20-inch set will cost about $2,800 while a smaller yet 12-incher will run for $1,400. Not surprisingly, Toshiba said it's working on a 56-inch model.

While Toshiba hopes to sell 1,000 sets a month, it said further it has no plans to sell any sets abroad.

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