Two (YouTube) videos a day now the norm

 The average online video viewer in September consumed 68 videos--more than two per day--according to the latest report from comScore Video Metrix. ComScore also found nearly 136 million Americans, or approximately three in four U.S Internet users, viewed online video in September.

The report found that yet again Google, through YouTube, dominate the video media landscape with the largest online video audience of 71.6 million unique viewers. This was followed a long way behind by Fox Interactive Media with 41.2 million viewers and Yahoo with 39.6 million. Nearly 70 million people viewed more than 2.5 billion videos on, while 38 million people viewed approximately 360 million videos on News Corporation's

Internet users watched an average of three hours of online video during September and the average online duration was 2.7 minutes.

At the same time a separate report from Bain & Company suggests US viewers will watch an additional 2 hours of TV per week by 2012 spurred on by video-on-demand & the use of digital video recorders. This would suggest TV watching is in fact growing faster than web TV.

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