U.S. competition and convergence driving IPTV uptake

Till recently America was considered a laggard in IPTV deployment, but a new report by Research and Markets suggests things might be changing. According to their latest report on the Global IPTV outlook to 2011 the U.S. market is expected to emerge as the most competitive IPTV market in the world, largely due to high existing pay-TV penetration, stiff prices and service competition.

According to Research and Markets, driving this competition will be the continued take up of broadband, convergence, innovation and changing consumer behavior as the market embraces the flexibility of services provided by IP based services.

Worldwide IPTV subscribers are forecast to reach 103 million in 2011 in which the Americas and Western Europe are expected to be the biggest markets on a revenue per user basis. The report predicts that while Europe is the largest and most active IPTV market in the future, Asia-Pacific is expected to leave it behind as it will grow in terms of subscribers, service revenue and infrastructure. The broadband penetration of the region will fuel the growth.

The Diffusion Group is predicting 160 million TV's will be connected directly to the internet over this same period.

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