U-Verse combats OTT with under-the-top Xbox; Apple TV glitch resolved

@FierceCable RT @appleinsider - Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) has released a software update intended to resolve some issues with TVs displaying incorrect resolution along with downloading problems with its Apple TV product. A glitch had been causing some HDTVs to show Apple TV fare in standard definition 480p. Story. | Follow @FierceCable

> AT&T (NYSE: T) U-Verse may be providing one of the more revealing looks at how incumbent service providers are battling the over-the-top content threat. The fiber-based competitive entertainment service said that its subscribers can use Xbox 360 game consoles to access its service--but they have to subscribe to the service first. Story | Follow @FierceCable

> As a public service to those with weak hearts, it's sometimes best to hide shocking news. Thus, this is where you'll find a link to the story explaining why FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski believes it is "essential" to move forward with net neutrality rules when the Commission takes up the subject next week. Story.

> Speaking of shocking, hard as it is to believe, Turner Networks--in 43rd place--was the only cable connected company on Glassdoor's Employees Choice Awards for the 50 best places to work. Facebook won by a lot, Apple came in 20th and Google came in 30th.

And finally ... start-up Zanaware Technologies has launched a product that lets video service providers track and troubleshoot headends with technology that tracks, stores and access multiple lineups, channels and devices and can track primary and redundant hardware paths for each channel, the company said. News release.