U-verse given the green light in Connecticut

AT&T has been granted a franchise for its IPTV U-verse service in Connecticut after a state court overturned a decision by the local utility regulator which required U-verse to have to get a franchise in each area in which it wanted to  operate. The decision is an important precedent and clears the way for similar state-level clearance to facilitate the rapid roll out of the broadband infrastructure necessary to support IPTV and other high access services. AT&T becomes the first competitor to offer television services under a new state law designed to increase competition with the cable industry.

The decision was a blow for Comcast and Cablevision who now face an aggressive roll out of a high profile competitive service. AT&T was of course chuffed: "We are pleased that the DPUC has taken this step on behalf of Connecticut consumers who have long desired more choice in the video marketplace. Credit also goes to our state's legislators and Governor Rell, who passed a forward-thinking new law that encourages competition," AT&T Connecticut President Ramona Carolow said.

Also happy were the unions, with 1,300 workers idol since the mid-October decision that stopped the roll out. Union chief Bill Henderson, said the court made the right decision and union members, who have been working since Dec. 16, 2006 installing the service, can get back to creating a new fiber-optic system to serve customers.

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