U-verse VRADs still collecting complaints

There have been more incidents of homeowners complaining about the deployment by AT&T of large, unsightly Video-Ready Access Devices in their neighborhoods. In some cities and towns, residents have petitioned their municipal governments to intervene. It's not clear what will happen, but the complaints have seemed to get more frequent--or at least more public--in the last year or so as AT&T has begun to expand beyond its initial target markets.

Will the opposition become loud enough to force AT&T to consider alternatives? Last fall, in my neighborhood on the northwest side of Chicago, area residents were starting to get riled up enough about AT&T's plans to deploy the boxes that many of us anticipated protests at a neighborhood association meeting where AT&T officials were expected to make their pitch. But, at the last minute, AT&T cancelled, and it looks like U-verse may not be coming to my neighborhood for a while longer.

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