Verizon added 300,000 TV subs in Q2

Verizon Communications reported its second-quarter earnings today, and though some negative trends were apparent, including a 7 percent profit slide, the company's FiOS TV service is showing no ill side effects from a shaky general economy. Verizon added 300,000 net new FiOS TV customers in the second quarter to reach about 2.5 million total FiOS TV subscribers. The additions show remarkable consistency; the company added almost the same number of TV customers during the first quarter of 2009 (299,000).

Verizon also said its FiOS TV sales penetration increased to 24.6 percent, compared with 19.7 percent after the second quarter last year. It is now available to about 10.3 million customer premises.

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- Here's the Verizon press release

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