Verizon adds more international channels

Verizon Communications announced that it is beefing up its international culture and language content with three new FiOS TV channels from partner WorldTV. The new programming includes Korean, Mandarin and Greek channels, and brings to 35 the number of internationally-focused FiOS TV channels, according to HD Report. The international channels are standard definition only.

After limited moves into international programming in the earliest years of their services, telco TV players have deepened their international content over the last year or so. Verizon entered into the partnership with GlobeCast WorldTV, a France Telecom unit, last year. Last spring, AT&T added several new channels to its own ethnic line-up. Cable TV companies such as Comcast have numerous international TV channels, too, with Comcast specifically offering at least 15 such channels individually and through special bundles.

It hasn't yet been clear that international content is a significant field for meaningful competitive differentiation, but it is obviously one way to stengthen the appeal of a telco TV service among specific segments of the population.

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