Verizon adjusts FiOS packages and pricing

Verizon (NYSE: VZ) is showing a little flex in its fiber optic FiOS service with minor changes in the way subscribers can tap into packages of FiOS video and data service.

Data subscribers who want 35 Mbps of download speeds (the base is 15 Mbps) without changing their basic service TV bundle, can now add $10 to that monthly $99.99 plan and get the higher speeds. At the same time, customers who want more TV than the base 233 channel package but are happy with their download speeds, can add $10 to the basic fee and get 324 channels of programming.

The new pricing, of course, isn't anywhere near a la carte, but it is more flexible than in the past when FiOS subscribers were given the choice of one of three service levels with pre-determined Internet speeds and TV channels.

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