Verizon, Avail-TVN team to bring 'Nollywood' movies to U.S.

Fans of "Nollywood" movies, scores of which are produced each year as Nigeria's cinema industry continues to grow (it's the third-largest in the world behind the U.S. and India), have a new outlet now that Avail-TVN and Verizon's FiOS TV have teamed up to deliver them on demand in the U.S.

Digital media services company Avail-TVN today said it had reched a long-term deal with content company Aso Rock Entertainment to bring the films to Verizon's on-demand channel.

The deal adds to Verizon's increasingly large VOD library, and continues the telco's push to expand niche and specialty programming.

"Today's consumers are interested in a wide range of video content, and Verizon strives to meet those interests with a variety of programming," said Terry Denson, vice president of content strategy and acquisition for Verizon. "We are thrilled to be able to enhance FiOS TV's video-on-demand offering with Aso Rock's Nigerian movie package from our partner, Avail-TVN."

Verizon FiOS TV subscribers have access to up to 10 hours of Nollywood movies at any given time, with at least five new titles available per month. Movies are available on demand for $2.95. To help market the new package, Avail-TVN is providing Verizon FiOS with promotional elements for barker, cross channel and on-line promotions.

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