Verizon execs woo CE industry with broadband-heavy keynotes

Verizon (NYSE: VZ) unabashedly made the case that its networks should be a major consideration in the development of a new generation of Web-centric consumer electronics at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

"The more we infuse consumer electronics with the power and intelligence of high-speed networks the faster we'll create new demand and accelerate the cycle of innovation and growth that drives this really wonderful industry," Verizon Chairman-CEO Ivan Seidenberg said during a wide-ranging keynote address to open CES.

Verizon's fourth generation wireless and current generation FiOS fiber networks should be the foundation for a new era of interconnected devices and services, added Lowell McAdam, the telco's president-COO, who shared the stage with Seidenberg.

Conveniently avoiding the fact that Verizon is not expanding its FiOS efforts beyond markets where it's already begun, McAdam stated that consumer electronics' "big broadband" demand can only be sated by fiber "and over the years Verizon has built one of the best fiber networks in the world. We anticipated the needs of that big broadband world by bringing the biggest, fastest fiber network in the U.S. to our customers."

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