Verizon Fios launches Netflix with free-year promotion

Verizon FiOS set-top

Verizon has announced that new and existing Fios customers who sign a two-year contract for a triple-play bundle will get a free year of Netflix.

Verizon will subsidize up to $10.99 worth of the SVOD service for one year, provided subscribers pony up for an $80-a-month bill for TV, wireline internet and landline phone for two years. 

Customers can access Netflix via channel 238 on their program guide. 

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In December, Verizon said that it would integrate Netflix on select Fios set-top devices, including the IPC1100P2 and IPC1100P1 client, as well as the VMS1100 DVR. 

It was also reported in December that Verizon is backing off a plan to relaunch its Fios TV service on an overhauled platform.

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"Today we're notifying all trial participants of potential new Fios TV features that the trial is officially coming to a close," an internal Verizon memo stated. "Some of you have provided feedback and comments, and we appreciate the time you took to test the service for us. If you were a trial participant, you will receive a separate communication with additional details."