Verizon FiOS TV available in 60% of NJ

Verizon claimed that nearly 60 percent of New Jersey is now FiOS TV-ready after the operator wired 62 more communities in the state. The expansion brings the total township count in New Jersey to 168 with FiOS TV service. The service provider also claimed that "thousands of consumers are continuing to sign up each week for the service." And in case you forgot that this was a fierce market, Verizon's NJ GM, William Foshay took a potshot at rival Cablevision: "Within the next couple of weeks, we expect to offer out FiOS products to more communities in New Jersey than Cablevision has served over the past three-and-a-half decades." Oh snap!

ALSO: FierceMobileContent reports that Verizon Wireless will roll out its remote programming service in conjunction with DVR manufacturer TiVo. The carrier will charge $1.99 per month. More details are expected when Verizon officially introduces the service next week.

Given that most consumers set up their DVRs to automatically record their favorite programs on a daily or weekly basis, it's tough to envision the remote programming concept gaining much traction. If you're already forking over ten bucks a month for Homezone service, it's no doubt a welcome addition to the subscriber menu, but it seems unlikely that many Verizon customers are going to want to shell out an additional $1.99 per month for something they can quickly and easily do from their couch.

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