Verizon FiOS TV available in Mass.

Soon after taking orders in Woburn, MA, two weeks ago, Verizon introduced FiOS TV in Reading, MA, a community of 23,000. Verizon obtained a local video franchise in Reading in January and is currently in negotiations with more than 30 other communities in Massachusetts to obtain additional franchises. The Verizon FTTP network is currently under construction in more than 40 Massachusetts communities. Verizon launched the service in Keller, TX, last September and has begun offering the service in parts of California, Florida, Virginia and on Long Island, NY.

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- read Verizon's press release

PLUS: Verizon CFO Doreen Toben claims the company "continues to see a strong and growing customer response" to fiber-optic-based FiOS data and video product offerings with "well on plan" customer take-rates for FiOS services. The deployment costs are declining. Release

ALSO: Using Verizon's VOD, which is IPTV, subscribers can avail more than 80 hours a month of free on-demand titles from Disney Channel, Toon Disney, Radio Disney, Jetix, ABC News, ABC Family, SOAPnet, ESPN, ESPN Deportes and ESPNU. Verizon is also offering on demand new-release movies from Buena Vista Pay Television for $3.95 each. Release

FINALLY: The Virginia General Assembly has agreed on a compromise video regulation measure that speeds the entry of telephone companies into video service but requires greater investment on their part. Article