Verizon: FiOS TV more welcoming to widgets

For several months, Verizon Communications has been mentioning that it is testing TV-based widgets for Facebook and other features in an attempt to make FiOS TV a more fully-integrated TV and online content experience. More recently, the company said last week in its own PR blog that it is now opening its widget platform application programming interface to outside developers, and has plans to open a "Widget Bazaar" that will offer downloads of some of the applications that result from that move to subscribers.

In addition to the Facebook widget, Verizon said it also recently added a Twitter widget. Verizon continues to be the leader among telco TV players when it comes to working such offerings into its TV service--or at least Verizon has been talking about its plans more specifically than other telcos.

For more:
- Here's Verizon blog post
- ReadWriteWeb also has more details and photos

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