Verizon joins TV Everywhere, launches trial

Verizon Communications has joined the TV Everywhere online TV initiative started by content giant Time Warner. The telco announced a trial offering of FiOS TV programming online. Verizon is the first major telco TV player to launch a TV Everywhere trial, though it is portraying the move as just another step in its multi-screen service strategy.  

Time Warner Chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes said in a statement issued by Verizon that the telco test involves Time Warner content from TNT and TBS programming, and Verizon adds later in the press release that the trial "will soon include content from other providers." Trial participants will be able to watch the programs on their personal computers or laptops - at home or away - using any broadband connection. Using their Verizon Online user names and passwords, participating FiOS TV customers will be able to access the online programming at the networks' Web sites."

It was only a matter of time before the telco giants jumped into the TV Everywhere pool, which can well-serve their overall multi-screen strategies and efforts to retain customers across all service platforms. Now that Verizon has made the jump, who will be next?

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- Here's the Verizon press release

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