Verizon Northeast region president says higher education, diverse biz community drew FiOS to Boston

With Verizon (NYSE: VZ) finally ending its self-imposed FiOS service deployment moratorium in April with an announcement of plans to bring the FTTH service to Boston, FierceTelecom interviewed Donna Cupelo, Northeast regional president for Verizon, to get some insight into the company's Bean Town strategy. 

"For Verizon, Boston is a leader in growing the innovation economy," Cupelo said. "You can't turn right or left and not see the great collaboration that is growing between higher educational institutions, different corporations like ourselves that have innovation labs for R&D, and working with different startups.

"This would give us an opportunity to build and design a unique platform based on fiber optics and really do some things that have never been done, which will touch not just residents and businesses, but will do some things that will have some impact on quality of life and attracting and retaining college graduates," Cupelo added. "Talent is a big priority in the tech industry, so when we look at the opportunity to bring talent and retain talent and build stronger neighborhoods and communities, we think this is a very exciting opportunity to do that with technology that we pride ourselves in being an expert in."

You can read the full interview here.