Verizon pooh-poohs Comcast's Xfinity; CEA boss disses broadcasters

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> No wonder they don't invite Verizon to The Cable Show. The cheeky telco is going out of its way to dismiss Comcast Xfinity enhancements. Story

> From the old any-enemy-of-my-enemy-is-a-friend-of-mine comes a Q&A with CEA boss Gary Shapiro in which he rails at TV broadcasters' "lack of innovation." That's why broadcasters weren't invited to The Cable Show; they don't innovate. Story

> Comcast's neighborhood dispute with Bloomberg isn't playing out in a vacuum. Current TV is proving a very interested party. Story

> The HomePlug Powerline Alliance has, not surprisingly, thrown its support behind the IEE P1905 working group effort to define a standard for hybrid home networks. News release

> Shaw Communications has big plans for its network, including tripling the capacity, opening more space for Internet, HDTV and on-demand services and presenting new Internet packaging pricing and bandwidth plans. Story

And finally ... Charter Communications co-founder and Suddenlink Chairman-CEO Jerry Kent continues shine in the spotlight, having been named chairman of the Cable Center board of directors. News release

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