Verizon reportedly scuttles plan to overhaul Fios TV

Verizon FiOS set-top
Image: Verizon

Verizon is reportedly backing off a plan to relaunch its Fios TV service on an overhauled platform.

In June, DSLReports said Verizon was testing an overhauled version of its Fios TV service and was offering customers participating in the test a free year of triple-play service. 

In the next iteration of its video service, Verizon was reportedly moving away from QAM delivery. The operator was to introduce a new gateway that will combine its router with its ONT.  The user interface would also receive a substantial facelift, according to the report.

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But today, citing unnamed sources, DSLReports said that Verizon is backing off the plan.

"Today we're notifying all trial participants of potential new Fios TV features that the trial is officially coming to a close," an internal Verizon memo stated. "Some of you have provided feedback and comments, and we appreciate the time you took to test the service for us. If you were a trial participant, you will receive a separate communication with additional details."

"The IPTV product was officially canceled," said a DSLReports source. "Employees received an email on Tuesday (12/5) instructing those involved in the trial to choose new packages and schedule a subsequent tech visit to remove and replace the STB's."

Verizon reps didn’t immediately respond to Fierce’s inquiries for comment. 

DSLReports’ June story detailed a Verizon email which asked customers to fill out a survey. Those selected for the test were to receive the new video system ahead of its formal debut later in the summer.