Verizon's Go90 faces 'uphill battle' in competing with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, analysts say

More than nine months after launch, success is hardly assured for Verizon's (NYSE: VZ) Go90 mobile video platform, analysts at UBS said.

"We remain convinced that Go90 has an uphill battle if it is to become a meaningful competitor to the established mobile video and social networking leaders, namely YouTube, Facebook, Instagram (owned by Facebook), Snapchat, Netflix and Hulu," the UBS analysts said in a report this week, obtained by FierceWireless.

"The app (Go90) did somewhat better in its second month, when Verizon ramped up spending on advertising, but never made it into the Top 10," the analysts added. "Since then, peak rankings have remained stable to slightly improving, but they are surrounded by declines (presumably when Verizon eases off the marketing spend), and the app continues to rank only in the mid-teens at best."

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