Verizon says it's fighting through obstacles to launch 3D service by holidays

Verizon has announced it'll be next to jump into the 3D TV fray--on Friday saying it would have some sort of a package available for its FiOS subscribers in time for the holidays.

But, the telco says, it'll take its time as the market "is very early in its development."

"We're monitoring the early sales of 3D TVs and expect to announce a 3D offering well in advance of the holiday TV-shopping season, when 3D television sales will expand," said Shawn Strickland, VP of FiOS product management for Verizon.

Verizon will be playing catch up with Comcast, which already has a 3D broadcast of this years' Masters Tournament ready to tee off Thursday.

Verizon has been slow to join the 3D push to a large extent because it feels the price of content has been set "ridiculously" high as a means of keeping it from getting too strong a foothold in the market.

Some content owners have elected to specifically exclude Verizon and other competitive distributors from carriage of these 3D events in an effort to advantage their distribution businesses," Strickland said. "Others have fixed ridiculously high prices for the content. Verizon's position is that integrated operators should not withhold programming options from the marketplace, and that consumers should have the freedom to choose the distributor that best meets their needs."

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