Verizon sees IPTV progress, more work needed

A month and a half after the Multi-Service Forum's Global MultiService Interoperability (GMI) 2008 event, one of the major outcomes of the event is the progress made in testing IPTV capabilities over an IP Multimedia System, and in particular over the network of GMI 2008 participant Verizon Communications. Verizon, which, of course, currently operates a QAM-based network for FiOS TV, previously has indicated its interest in eventually using IPTV to support some video content.

It's not clear when that could happen, but Telephony reports that Verizon was pleased with the GMI test. The story further quotes: "Our objective is the use [of a single] infrastructure, perhaps adding some other network elements, to support the IPTV application," said Naseem Khan, principle member of technical staff at Verizon. "In terms of viability [and] what additionally needs to be done, I believe QoS and policy management are areas where more work needs to be done."

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