Verizon touts 12 tuners with launch of FiOS Quantum video media servers

With the rollout of new home video gateways from Arris (Nasdaq: ARRS), Verizon (NYSE: VZ) is introducing FiOS Quantum TV as a new brand for its cable programming service.

When Verizon first announced at the end of 2011 that it planned to deploy a product called Verizon Media Server from Motorola Mobility (later acquired by Arris), the telco said it would be able to offer FiOS customers the ability to record up to six programs simultaneously. Verizon hasn't doubled the number of tuners in its new super DVR. But the company said Tuesday that subscribers would be able to record up to a dozen programs simultaneously if they install two of the gateways, which it is now calling the Verizon Video Media Server.

Verizon VP Shawn Strickland told FierceCable in January that the company would begin deploying the new super DVRs at the end of the first quarter, and that it would expand the rollout "market by market through the summer." Verizon hasn't yet said which FiOS markets will be the first to receive the new gear.

Verizon's marketing strategy with FiOS Quantum TV's recording capabilities may help it compete with Cablevision (NYSE: CVC), which announced last year that it expanded the number of programs subscribers with its network-based Optimum DVR could record simultaneously to 10.

Arris isn't Verizon's only set-top vendor. A recent FCC test report from GreenWave Reality indicated that it has built a product called the FiOS Quantum Gateway for Verizon. The GreenWave product contains a Zigbee home automation module that Verizon may be able to use to support home automation services.

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