Vermont Telephone Company pushes cable TV plans

Vermont Telephone Company is getting set to offer cable TV service. The company received a USDA Rural Utilities Service grant worth $116 million, but as a condition of the award must offer cable TV service to go with its telephony and Internet services.

Vtel filed a petition with the Vermont Public Service Board last week to offer the TV service, an action which comes almost a year after it received the grant. Now, Vtel wants the board to fast-track its request without public hearings, a notion which may not go over well in a state known as a hippie haven.

Vermont actually has been at the center of a lot of broadband-related activity lately, as FairPoint Communications (Nasdaq: FRP) has been finishing its broadband rollout in rural areas (with help from draft horses, no less) and Comcast has been busy rebranding its services as Xfinity.

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