Videotron launches own version of TV Everywhere; SCTE tackles energy management

> Canadian MSO Videotron has launched its own version of TV Everywhere  called Illico Web and offering 32 TV channels (24 in French) to customers who subscribe to both TV and Internet. Story.

> The SCTE has formed a new technical committee to that it says will develop standards and recommend practices for energy management. Called the Sustainability Management Subcommittee (SMS just to throw some more confusing acronyms into this industry) the group will work in conjunction with the Smart Energy Management Initiative (SEMI) to no doubt come up with truckload of ideas. News release.

> Logitech has come up with a name for its Google TV box. It's called the Revue (not Revenue) and it will allow full Google TV access with existing TVs. Story.

> Time Warner probably needs to spend more money lobbying if it wants to close up the theatrical release dates for movies as outlined in an item above. The owner of Warner Bros. movie studios and cable networks like CNN and TNT spent only a piddling (for these guys) $740,000 to lobby the feds in the first quarter. The same time a year ago it spent $1.78 million. Story.

> Rovi is soliciting advertisers for its interactive program guides telling them it has access to 30 million homes via cable, CE devices and other vendors. The Rovi Advertising Network ad sales team will offer ads in three formats. Story.

And finally... Another one rides the bus. Time Warner Cable has joined Charter and Comcast (that we know of) in turning up switched digital video (SDV). The TWC service will be available to "some customers in New York" starting with Staten Island. Story.