Virgin Media may sell non-cable broadband business; Comcast forgives subscribers caught in scam

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> Virgin Media is lining up the sale of its non-cable broadband business, Virgin Media National, including the transfer of more than 130,000 cable TV customers across the UK. Story

> Comcast won't penalize or prosecute subscribers who paid scammers about $2.4 million to lower their rates or pirate services, Montgomery County (Pa.) Assistant District Attorney Jeremy Abidiwan-Lupo. Story

> Mediacom Communications deployed SMC Networks' Veloxite customer CPE deployed as part of a high speed, Internet services demonstration in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Story

> TV Guide Network is planning more than 400 hours of original programming in 2014-2015, a six-fold increase from the year before. Story

> U.K. media entrepreneur Richard Desmond is selling Channel 5 to Viacom in a move that Philippe Dauman said "accelerates Viacom's strategy in the U.K." Story

> Time Warner Cable senior vice president William F. Osbourn, Jr., pocketed $2.15 million by selling 15,398 shares of Time Warner Cable stock. Story

Telecom News

> Verizon's FiOS service has reached saturation point in several markets, its Q1 results suggest, but the carrier still has no plans to expand its fiber network, focusing instead on growing its wireless business. Where does that leave FiOS? Commentary

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> With Dish Network entering the mobile space, is it reasonable to start thinking that wireless can compete with broadband? Full article

And finally … Six Chinese cable TV operators--Hunan TV & Broadcast Intermediary, Guangdong Broadcast & TV Network, Tianjin Broadcast & TV Network, Hebei Broadcasting and Television Information Network, Yunnan Broadcast & TV Information Transmission Network and Wasu Digital TV--are collaborating to expand China's use of next generation broadcast services. Story