Virgin watching over its subscribers; Polish suburb using cable network to fight crime

> Virgin Media has inked a deal to use Pixelmetrix's Electronic Couch Potato (without an "e") product to gather measurements of what its viewers are doing via their set-top boxes. The service provider said it plans to use the information to help inform future product launches. Story.

> Demonstrating the hold that cable now has over the subscribing public, a "quick trip and close" of an electric circuit at BendBroadband in Oregon knocked out power for subscribers and forced them to reset Moxi digital cable boxes. It also made the news.

> Following the get 'em while they're young model, retailers are being urged to find ways to market netbooks and interactive TV that appeal to today's youth who will become tomorrow's buyers and whose parents are in the market today. Story.

> The Warsaw, Poland suburb of Ursus is using its cable TV network as part of a video monitoring system to provide public security and fight crime with 300 Axis Communications' cameras located near schools, nurseries, parks and government buildings. The main goal is to fight vandalism. Story.

> Cogeco Cable's quarterly operating revenues increased 5.1 percent to $320.4 million driven by growth in basic cable, high-speed Internet, digital television and telephony customers. Cogeco now counts 961,062 connected homes in Quebec and Canada in general. Story.