Warner Properties Communications using VDSL2 to boost bandwidth

Twin Cities, Minn.-based Warner Properties Communications will use VDSL2 technology to deliver a triple play of voice, video and high-speed data services using equipment supplied by Zhone Technologies.

The service is expected to reach more than 15,000 subscribers over existing copper lines, although it won't be for everyone in the Warner Properties customer base.

"Warner Properties Communications needed a solution for buildings not wired with category five cables or better and thus could not use Ethernet," said Chase Rydberg, the service provider's director of network operations in a press release. "Coax solutions such as DOCSIS were too expensive and not suitable for a deployment this size."

On the other hand, he said, Zhone's technology allows the carrier to have a "symmetrical last-mile solution for every building we provide with Internet access."

Zhone, in fact, believes its VDSL2 technology will actually let Warner Properties deliver cost-effective "fiber-like speed over copper." It will also allow the service provider to "meet immediate challenges with a comprehensive solution while preparing their networks for imminent and eventual switch to a complete FTTH network," the vendor said in the news release.

"The solution is cost-effective and customers will benefit from increased reliability and efficiency," Brian Caskey, Zhone's chief marketing officer said.

Zhone provide VDSL2 technology with symmetrical access to mirror capabilities already in place where Ethernet has been deployed, the two companies said.

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