West Va.'s Citynet wants state broadband grant canceled; Facebook faces more privacy questions

> Is West Virginia's commerce secretary avoiding Broadband Deployment Council members in that state? That's what regional service provider Citynet's president, Jim Martin, suggested on Monday, after Commerce Secretary Kelly Goes canceled yet another council meeting last Wednesday. Martin wants the council to suspend the state's $126 million federal broadband stimulus grant which is funding what he calls a "disastrous" broadband expansion. Story.

> Politicians continue to climb all over the Fox vs. Cablevision retrans battle royale this week, with congressmen firing off indignant letters to the FCC in what's clearly a plum opportunity to connect with constituents in an election year. Here's hoping the "for shame" tactics work. Story.

> Some 20-plus companies participated in CableLabs' latest enhanced TV interop event, held Oct. 4-8. Cable industry supplies had an opportunity to test preproduction and development versions of the latest hardware and software applications. News release.

> Amid all the other hoopla surrounding the Comcast-NBC Universal merger, news arrives that Comcast did manage to get its answers about the company back to the FCC by the Oct. 18 deadline. Story.

And finally... Facebook is facing more questions over the latest privacy concern for its subscribers: that many third-party applications, particularly games like Farmville, continue to transmit personally identifiable information about their users and their friends. Story (sub. may be required)