Who's worth watching?

It's time to develop my FierceIPTV Watch List, and I need your help. This special report will appear Nov. 10 in connection with the opening of the TelcoTV 2009 conference and show in Orlando, Fla. It will feature ten TV network operators and service providers from around the world that I feel are worth watching for actions they have taken in recent months, or moves they are expected to make in the months ahead.

I've already got some ideas who a few of them might be--a certain U.S. telco that has done a lot with TV widgets could make the list, and you also may find a U.K. telco that recently strengthened its position in the TV/video market there via acquisition. Who else will make the list? I'm hoping to feature companies from every region of the world and every layer of the TV service provider community. That means players from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America, as well as small rural firms in the U.S. who have taken a cutting-edge attitude in providing TV services. And, I'm not talking just about telcos or strictly about the IPTV technical format. I'll consider cable TV guys and online players, too (I'm currently mulling whether or not to include a certain online TV firm that may be moving to a fee-based offering).

To develop the best and most comprehensive list possible, I'm looking for nominations from you, the FierceIPTV public. I am particularly looking for fresh ideas for companies in regions outside the U.S., as well as the small guys in North America who may be flying under the radar. Ideally, I would like to feature five companies I know well, and five more who I wouldn't have expected.

So, let's hear it: Who do you think is worth watching? Post a comment or send me an email.


P.S. -- Also, speaking of TelcoTV, watch for our show preview on Nov. 3, and a post-show round-up on Nov. 17.