Why didn't I think of that?

Why didn't I think of that?
Thank my lucky stars I'm a journalist and therefore not expected to make the kind of money necessary for the type of technomedical upgrades popular among my peers these days. Otherwise, instead of reading Funny Times in my jammies after I file this, I'd be registering every imaginable domain name using the IPTV acronym. IPTVmovies.com, IPTVsongs.com, IPTVscalemodelrailroads.com...

I would do this because in the short month I've been hammering away here at the IPTV sector, I've become convinced of the following:

A) In five years time, most Americans will watch IPTV, either packaged through a dedicated infrastructure, or more likely, as streamed content over a broadband connection.
B) I could be wrong. I say this primarily because five or six years ago, I scoffed when Bill Gates said that one day, people would compute and watch TV on the same device. Most people still don't, but I do. I can watch reruns of "The Office" in the corner of my screen while I shop for stuff I don't want on eBay. Nerdvana, you might say.

Which brings me back for no discernible reason to registering IPTV domain names. See, I get this press release for IPTVrecipes.com, and I think, "cut me some slack, here." Then I visit the site and realize what savvy packaging and thoughtful categorization can do for user-generated video clips.

IPTVdreamdate.com. IPTVscorneddate.com. IPTVmoosescomewalking.com. The field is wide open. I only ask that if someone makes a handsome profit from this insight, they donate five percent of the proceeds to my favorite charity, otherwise known as my retirement fund.

Happy registering. -D.