Widevine deal opens up Boxee possibilities

A deal to use Widevine Technologies' digital rights management (DRM) technology could expand the horizons for over-the-top video provider Boxee, the two companies are suggesting.

According to details of the deal, Boxee will use Widevine's DRM technology and other peripherals to deliver linear TV channels--including Hollywood hit movies and possibly even live content--over the Internet. Of course, the technology could be ahead of the rest of the deal, since Boxee has not announced (that we know of) any agreements with networks to get their content.

Still, the presence of Widevine technology does lend an air of respectability--and even better, security--to the Boxee service, which has been seen as something of an outsider in the entertainment delivery space.

In a peripherally related bit of news, Brightcove, which recently named Dennis Rose its vice president for the Asia-Pacific region, announced a "series of new customer wins in Japan" with online video companies. The cloud-based video platform provider in a news release said it further added several Japanese media organizations to its customer base as companies continue to "drive customer engagement with their online video content and inverse conversions for their e-commerce initiatives."

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