Will TV Everywhere get a boost from CMC, thePlatform breakthrough on Nielsen watermarks?

TV Everywhere fans had to feel their collective pulse quicken a bit at the news from Comcast Media Center and thePlatform, which announced they now are able to keep Nielsen's audio watermarks on premium online video content. The result? Nielsen now will be able to track and report on audience reach for both online ads and video in its C3 rating system, the primary tool advertisers and programmers use to negotiate ad rates.

The companies said networks interested in rolling out a TV Everywhere product can now use thePlatform's mpx video management and publishing system to distribute their content online, so that Nielsen can measure eligible cable, telco, and satellite video customers who access video programming via the Web.

"Media companies are now wholeheartedly embracing multi-platform video distribution, and they want to make sure that their viewers are counted in the C3 ratings," said Ian Blaine, CEO of thePlatform. "Confirmation that the Nielsen watermarks flow through the CMC process is a critical step to realizing this cross-platform goal."

The TV Everywhere service model, under which subscribers to cable TV, telco TV and satellite TV service packages would also be authorized to watch TV programming and some special content online, has only slowly begun roll out in North America. Comcast's Xfinity has so far failed to gain significant traction with subscribers who have been less than bowled over.

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