Windstream launches IPTV service Kinetic in Lincoln, Neb.

Windstream has launched its IPTV service in Lincoln, Neb., offering video services to 50,000 local residents.

With prices starting at $59.98 for a basic TV and Internet bundle and topping out at $129.98 for a premium triple-play package including a top-end TV bundle, high-speed Internet and voice service, Windstream's Kinetic offers HD programming at no extra charge.

Subscribers get a whole-home DVR that records up to four shows at once; a wireless Ericsson set-top that can be moved anywhere in the house; and a VOD library. Customers can cancel the service at any time without incurring additional charges.

"Over the last year, we have heard loudly and clearly that this community is excited and eager for an alternative TV service," said David Redmond, president of small business and consumer at Windstream. "Windstream is confident that residents that sign up for Kinetic will find a highly interactive experience and a smarter way to watch TV than cable or satellite."

Windstream has worked at enhancing broadband speeds for customers by deploying fiber deeper into its last-mile network while using VDSL2 and bonding to deliver more bandwidth to consumers.

By using VDSL2 and bonding, Windstream said it will be able to deliver up to 80 Mbps to homes, but being a copper-based technology, actual speeds will depend on the state of the copper plant and how far a customer is located from the central office or a remote terminal location.

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