Wireless wanders: Genachowski boosts wireless potential

Even if, as some think, cable doesn't have a hand in wireless, wireless has a hand in cable. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski continues to push for more wireless spectrum from wherever it can be gleaned, including "under utilized TV spectrum" that would directly impact how broadcasters get their signals to viewers. If the FCC were to take a substantial chunk of the broadcasters' spectrum as part of its push to get 500 MHz more for wireless, broadcasters would be forced to deliver all their digital multicast channels via pay TV services which, in turn, would be forced to give up valuable spectrum to handle them.

The FCC, besides looking for ways to get more licensed spectrum, is making its biggest push in the area of unlicensed spectrum, he said. "Twenty-five years ago, when the FCC released spectrum, we didn't know WiFi would happen."

It's happening all right. Just ask Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA), which has launched what is probably the first phase of its Xfinity WiFi services in hotspots throughout the tri-state Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware area, the MSO said. The hotspots, Comcast said in a news release, "are located in areas where customers spend time working, commuting, relaxing, shopping and socializing."

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