Wisconsin telcos form headend JV

Three small telcos in Wisconsin have taken the creative step of forming an IPTV joint venture that will share video headend equipment, thereby defraying an expensive element involved in telcos' efforts to build video networks. The venture, called Midwest Video Solutions, was founded by Midwest Telnet, based in Westby, Wis.; Tri-County Telcom, based in Strum, Wis.; and Wisconsin Independent Network, based in Eau Claire, Wis. It will market the shared headend offering to other telcos that want to get into the IPTV market.

The company announced its entry, into the shared headend market last week with 15 network operators already signed up for the service. In addition to helping other telcos save some build-out costs during our off-and-on recession, a venture run three telcos with video experience also could provide a good support system for network operators who are just getting their feet on the ground.

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