World's biggest broadband provider? Surprise, it's not Comcast, even with NBCU

While Comcast (and this is becoming an all-Comcast, all-the-time issue today, isn't it?) is being painted as the biggest, baddest player in the broadband space by those opposed to its acquisition of NBC Universal, it's really only a blip on the worldwide broadband scene.

Chinese operators--China Telecom and China Unicom--easily dominate the latest Telegeography data, accounting for nearly 20 percent of the world's 492 million broadband subscribers. Of course, when you stand back and think about it, how hard is it to rack up subs in a market with 1.3 billion people--even if it is China?

China Telecom leads the way with more than 50 million subs, while China Unicom comes in second with more than 40 million. The U.S. had four providers in the world's top 10: Comcast (fourth); AT&T (fifth); Time Warner Cable (seventh) and Verizon (eighth). Others on the list were NTT (third); Deutsche Telekom (sixth); France Telecom (ninth) and Korea Telecom (tenth).

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