Worst case net neutrality scenarios listed; Justice Dept. jumps into Comcast-NBCU fray

> There are at least seven worst case scenarios associated with net neutrality, and Sarah Kessler has explained them all in a post on mashable.com. Story.

> When a topic's hot in D.C. everyone wants a piece. Such is the case with the Comcast-NBC Universal merger which is being scrutinized by Congress, the FCC, FTC, SEC and a number of other alphabet agencies that probably secretly include the FBI and CIA. Now comes word that the Justice Department is at the deal to see how it might affect the growth of Internet TV. Story.

> Philip Falcone may be pushing hard ahead on a high-speed wireless broadband network called LightSquared, but that doesn't mean all the investors in his Harbinger hedge fund are on board with the idea. Story.

> Speaking of high-speed wireless broadband, Telstra (ASX: TLS.AX) has launched what it claims is the world's fast national mobile broadband service in Australia with download speeds ranging from 1.1 to 20 Mbps (and that's a range!). The plan uses a USB modem to provide access. Story.

> Speaking of speed (aren't segues fun?), Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC-WI) will be launching SPEED2, a "broadband network featuring live and on-demand streaming motorsports programming." Story.

And finally... The cable industry should never forget that broadcasters will always want more than retransmission fees. Right now they're pushing the idea of delivering their services to mobile devices (what used to be called portable TVs in the days before the digital transition). Now comes a thought from a broadcaster-based newsletter that Congress should mandate DTV tuners in all new cell phones. Opinion piece.