WSJ: DirecTV eyeing 2011 targeted ad launch

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that satellite TV provider DirecTV is developing a program to support targeted advertising to its subscribers by 2011. That plan generally may not be much of a surprise, as it comes as telco TV and cable TV companies are pursuing their own similar offerings and are increasingly inching toward more interactive ad and targeted ad support. However, this may be the first indication of a satellite TV firm edging toward targeted ads.

Satellite TV companies have thus far been unable to get a chunk of the local advertising market, which telcos also have their eyes on as a way to gain more revenue to support their TV service rollouts. However, that local ad market, like many markets, has shrunk amid the recession, the WSJ reports. The DirecTV news also come as consumer privacy continues to be a top issue in Congress, and targeted ad programs can expect to be heavily scrutinized.

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