Is your broadband network faster than a carrier pigeon?

Forget whether you're smarter than a fifth grader or where Ookla ranks your service on its broadband speeds profile. Today's big question, being put to the test in the United Kingdom, is whether your broadband connection is faster than a carrier pigeon.

Ten carrier pigeons will be (could already have been with time zones and all) released for a 120-kilometer journey just as a 300 meg five-minute video upload begins. According to stunt organizer Tref Davies, co-founder of ISP Timico and member of the Internet Service Providers' Association board, the pigeons will probably win.

"This is the U.K. It should be well connected but around a third of the homes still can't get broadband," he said. A pigeon named Winston easily won the last such race when he completed a 96 kilometer journey in two hours while only 4 percent of a 4 gig file had downloaded.

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