YouTube viewers watch less TV, resist ads

A report from Harris Interactive found that about 32 percent of frequent YouTube users are watching less TV because of the online service. Apparently, 47 percent of adult males have watched a video on YouTube and 43 percent have watched an online video on a network's site like Thirty-one percent of adult males had watched a video on Google Video or Yahoo's sites, while a mere 20 percent have seen one on MySpace. These stats are for adults 18 and up--which cuts out the heart of online video's viewer base--and indicates a widening of online video's appeal across age groups.

Other interesting stats: 66 percent claim that they sacrifice other activities like visiting other websites (36 percent), email and social networking (20 percent), work/homework (19 percent), playing video games (15 percent) and of course, spending time with their family and friends (12 percent) in order to watch YouTube.

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