YouTube viewing on TV sets up 70% as OTT service goes native on X1 and other living room platforms

YouTube on X1
Viewers reportedly are now watching 100 million hours of YouTube videos a day via TV sets.

With YouTube now embedded widely into living room video delivery systems in the U.S., Google said that YouTube usage on TV sets is up 70% over the last year. 

The revelation was made earlier this week during Google’s third-quarter earnings call, where Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that viewers were watching 100 million hours of YouTube videos a day via TV sets.

Re/code, which was first to report on Pichai’s disclosure, declared that YouTube is “taking on the TV on its own turf, and starting to win.”

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Of course, in a new era in which traditional distributors like Comcast are billing themselves as Wi-Fi connectivity companies that want to be the “aggregator of aggregators,” it’s taught to say there’s a competition going on. 

During Comcast’s third-quarter earnings call Thursday, CEO Brian Roberts described YouTube—which was integrated into the company’s X1 video platform about a month ago—in terms of being merely another programming network.

“We are committed to the video business,” Roberts declared. “We saw this evolution coming, and think we have invested in the pieces that will ultimately define long-term profitable success, including X1, the best platform on the market with amazing features that really resonate with customers like our Emmy winning Voice Remote, the broadest aggregation of great content with the best in live linear and on-demand augmented now by the inclusion of Netflix and YouTube and others onto our platform.”