ZCorum debuts Broadband Policy Enforcer

ZCorum, a vendor primarily known for its cable modem management, monitoring and diagnostics capabilities announced at The Independent Show in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., today that it has developed a new tool to help service providers enforce broadband usage policies and notify customers of when they are reaching their usage limits.

As broadband service providers move from unlimited bandwidth options to usage caps, they need to be able to warn customers about exceeding their usage limits rather than slowing them down or cutting them off without warning. The vendor's Broadband Policy Enforcer provides the broadband service provider with the ability to do just that by sending an automated alert is the form of a Web page as they are approaching their limit.

If the usage cap is exceeded, ZCorum's Broadband Policy Enforcer can also automatically slow the connection speed for that user for the remaining days of the month on their current plan. The tool also can restrict access completely if necessary. Customers' broadband connections also can be placed on hold if they have not paid a bill, or have been identified as taking art in some kind of network abuse, until a reinstatement plan is approved.

With video streaming continuing to explode, these are the types of capabilities that broadband service providers will need to leverage to manage future usage plans and keep customers happy—or at least aware of potential cap issues and connection speed changes. The challenge will be particularly difficult for smaller cable TV operators to address, as they probably already have too much on their plates. ZCorum caters to that particular group's needs, and the Independent Show is probably a good place for them to get a glimpse at a new policy enforcement tool.

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