Zpryme: Consumers excited, concerned about 3D TV

Austin-based consumer research firm Zpryme Research & Consulting says it has determined by analyzing consumer discussion around last month's Consumer Electronics Show that U.S. consumers are very interested in and excited by the prospect of 3D TV, and invariably describe it with words like "revolutionary" and "cool." Meanwhile some remain concerned about the potential for expensive equipment upgrades, as well as issues around the use of 3D glasses--how cumbersome or uncomfortable they may be, and how easy it might be to lose them around the house.

Still, as other observers have suggested, the success of "Avatar" in movie theaters shows that consumers have an overwhelming interest in 3D "done right," Zpryme said. The firm's social media-oriented Buzz Research service analyzed opinions from extensive online consumer discussion about 3D TV that reached new heights in the weeks before and just after CES. That research included "744 consumer messages, posted across 47 sources, reaching over 14 million consumers; a rich demographic spectrum, comprised of 61 percent males, 68 percent 18-54, and 39 percent earning $75,000+," Zpryme said.

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