Aereo reportedly hits capacity issues in Atlanta and Miami

Aereo has reportedly stopped accepting new members in a two other markets. Following reports that it stopped signing up new customers in New York just before the Super Bowl, Aereo also stopped accepting new subscribers in Atlanta and Miami, according to the Boston Business Journal. 

Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia told the Business Journal that it typically adds more capacity as it approaches 60 or 70 percent usage. "But in the larger markets, the jump between 70 and 90 percent could almost happen in a week," he said. Because of the legal theory underpinning its operation, it must supply a remote TV antenna and DVR to each subscriber. 

Demand for broadcast TV events like the Super Bowl and Olympics has been driving sign-ups, Kanojia said.

In Boston last fall, Aereo also briefly stopped accepting new subscribers while it added capacity, the Business Journal reported. 

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