Aereo's chances at success? Slim, and none

There was much ado last week about Aereo--nee Bamboom, which we reported on last May--and its plan to offer New York City-area residents broadcast TV through the Internet, à la Ivi.TV, which met its demise last year after a flurry of lawsuits from broadcasters. Aereo, backed by, among others, Barry Diller, plans to give subscribers a DVR, and a monthly bill for $12. As Forrester analyst Dan Rayburn says, it's "another example of an executive bringing a product to the market, simply because of their ego." Aereo, Rayburn said in a blog post, "has no shot at succeeding." As he points out, it gets no cable, there's no obvious demand for the service, and it's likely to face the same legal challenges as Ivi did... the main difference? Aereo has deeper pockets and a marquee backer in Diller. Article