Ankeena Networks releases upgraded 3-screen version of its Media Flow Director software

Ankeena Networks is releasing a 2.0 version of it Media Flow Director software that it says helps position the media infrastructure solutions company to go after a bigger slice of the service provider market. “It’s not just a new version, it allows Ankeena to expand out into the market space,” Ankeena Networks VP of Product Marketing Anshu Agarwal told FierceOnlineVideo. “Three-screen delivery is what everybody is talking about, and MFD 2.0 is equipped to deliver all three; we can go after the entire service provider market.”

Ankeena -- which changed its name from Nokeena in September to avoid a trademark dispute -- touts MFD 2.0 as “a purpose-built software appliance that utilizes deep media intelligence, storage organization and multi-tier caching to scale media throughput and to improve user experience.”

“MFD 2.0 is a media- and content-aware software that provides an end-to-end delivery solution,” said Agarwal. It can handle all rich content and supports live streaming, VOD, music, “anything that’s on your website,” Agarwal adds. The software has an immediate payback, said Agarwal, describing the ROI as “multi-dimensional.”

“Server consolidation will be available right away,” she said, because MFD 2.0 will optimize server performance at something close to 10:1. And, she said, since the software runs on commodity servers, users can buy off the shelf, and not be tied to proprietary hardware. Finally, she said, because MFD 2.0 can be put at the edge, it also has the potential to cut transit costs and bandwidth.

Agarwal says Ankeena is looking to two primary market segments, service providers -- like ISPs, telcos and MSOs -- and “anyone delivering large amounts of content” -- including media companies, CDNs and content aggregators. “We see CDNs as a good fit for us because MFD 2.0 eliminates having to rack and stack different media servers,” she said. “It’s also ideal for a service provider who wants to add a CDN to their list of products.”

About a dozen evaluations currently are ongoing, she said, with early release software available. Ankeena expects to release an update in December.

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